Thursday, August 28, 2014

We Believe in Visions

Our five-year-old grandson asked, “What is the future?” His brown eyes reflected the wheels turning in his mind.

I replied, “Remember a week ago, when you hadn’t been to kindergarten yet and you didn’t know what it was like?”  He nodded.

“Well, being in kindergarten, knowing the other kids and knowing what you like to do during recess was all in your future.  Now you know all about kindergarten, and your first week of kindergarten is in your past. But you don’t know the fun things you will learn next week—that’s in your future.”

Then he asked, “Can we see into the future?”

That was a stumper.  I didn’t want to give him a flat “No”—now wheels were turning in my mind!

Thanks to insomnia, early that morning I’d been thinking about my life as a daydreamer. All through childhood and adolescence, my daydreams seemed almost more real than life. 

Some of them developed into life-dreams, goals that influenced my choices and my path. My dream of writing the kind of book I like to read helped me finish my college education during my 50s.  A mental picture of myself in cap and gown had guided me through every class, every test, every commute, every obstacle. 

That epiphany taught me that my daydreams are visions unique to me—glimpses of a possible future that keep me focused on goals.

And I believe in visions. 

I believe that prophets are special people who are given visions for groups of people. Joseph of Egypt, Daniel, and of course, Jesus Christ saw visions that guided and warned many people.

Solomon said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)  That is as true of individuals as nations. We need daydreams. They give us hope.

So I told my grandson, “There isn’t a television program or book that can show you your future.  But you know how much you love finding and collecting rocks?  If you want to study rocks, imagine yourself as a geologist.  Make a picture in your mind—that’s like seeing into the future.”

He screwed his eyes tightly closed and imagined with all his heart.

I can’t see his future, but he can.  It will be great.

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